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March 19, 2023
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San Juan City, NCR
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Auto Seeder

Model : PAS-2b
Weight : 1.85 0.1 kg
Dimension : 81 x 16 x11 cm
Efficiency : 8000 10000 m2/day
Planting Hole Volume : 1 3 seeds
Load Capacity : 2.5 kg

Model : PAS-1b
Weight : 1.85 0.1 kg
Dimension : 81 x 11 x11 cm
Efficiency : 8000 10000 m2/day
Planting Hole Volume : 1 2 seeds
Load Capacity : 2.5 kg


Applies Seed and Fertilizer at the same time
Save a lot of time and manpower, single operation
Product information:
BOWA Portable Auto corn seeder is a rising technology. User speak highly if this tool because of being light weight , simple and portable manipulation, small volume genuineness, etc.
This toll is suitabel for cultivated soil, especially sandy soil, and is compatible for seeds of corn, beans, peanut, and the likes. This unit was developed to have a synchronized sowing-seed and fertilizer in every press.
With these seeders sowing efficiency increases 4 to 5 times that manual work. One seeder can sow seeds from 8000-10000 m2 per day. Another advantage is it prevents delay of sowing time due either to manpower or use of machinery i.e in hilly areas when maneuvering of large machineries are troublesome.

P.S. If you have the time, we will most welcome you in our demo farm in

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Contact person: Erwin Villanueva

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