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For Security & Emergency
Date Posted :
September 17, 2023
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City of Manila, NCR
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Best Option For Home Security
Monitoring Any Time Any Where
EaZy Networking: 3 Step Setup
Push Video: Notification in 5 Secs

This network camera, AVN701EZ is the first EaZy Networking model, allowing users to set up in 3 steps. For any alarm event triggered by the internal human detection sensor or the external alarm-in device, users will be pushed for this event and is able to see the recording video on their mobile devices with our moble app, EagleEyes, installed.

PUSH VIDEO, Get event video call in 5 sec. for human detection or alarm event

When a self-defined event occurs, such as human or alarm, this camera will immediately make a video call to your iPad, iPhone or Android phone which will then activate our mobile surveillance software, EagleEyes, automatically for remote access.

for inquiry:
Paulo Balato
sales associate

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