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Heavy duty Shredder
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March 19, 2023
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 Heavy duty Shredder

We are KAINITZ CORPORATION, a private company that designs, assembles, manufactures, imports and distributes BOWA AGRICULTURAL MACHINERIES & EQUIPMENTS. Our mission is to provide and support through effective machineries and equipments.

*SHREDDER for farm wastes
*CHIPPER for wood materials
*GRINDER /Hammer mill for feeds

A 3 in 1 machine that can help you sustain your land nutrition by using your farm wastes and making it as fertilizer.


GR-1300 is a Powerfull and heavy duty type of Shredder. It can shredd all kinds of agricultural waste like cornstalk, leaves, rice straw, coconut hust and many more.
FOR waste Management in your Subdivision.
For Municipal use where garbage collection is a huge problem.
Our shredder can be use for making organic fertilizer, making forage for your farm animals for shredding farm or community organic waste for waste management programs. It has so many application.
Why bother to buy chemical base fertilizer if you can make your own right on you farm.
Why do you have to burn your rice straws and corn stalks after the harvest if you can make it as fertilizer.
Why wait to your inputs to decompose so long by manually cutting the materials if you can use a shredder to fasten the process.

with our shredder waste from your municipality/subdivision can be lessen and make it more useful by shredding it. Waste can also become easy to transport after it is shredded because it requires only small amount of space.
with our shredder there will be less farm waste and nothing will be needed to burn ALL can be shred and make it as fertilizer.

watch our videos and see how it works please see this links:
corn stalk :
coconut husk :
Never again you will need to burn your farm waste, saving effort and helping the environment.

Never again you will spend so much for your fertilizers.

Never have to manually cut and wait for too long for composting, speed up the decomposition by having this powerful and very farm friendly machine.

With our GR-1300 Multi Purpose Shredder making your own fertilizer is very easy and can be made right on your own farm.

Call us we are gladly to help and look for Erwin Villanueva

Tel: (02) 7236240
Cell no: 09228267240


BOWA Agricultural Machines and Irrigation System

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