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PE Polyethylene hose / tubes/ pipes for water line system
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May 12, 2024
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San Juan City, NCR
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PE Polyethylene hose / tubes/ pipes for water line system

Product description
BOWA PE hose
is a multi layer hose
mad from superior, high strength Polyethylene material, which is non toxic and odorless. Mainly use for irrigation water supply or discharge. But may also be used to convey other types of liquid.

Product Features/Benefits
No leakage compared to PVC layflat
Light weight
Good flexibility
Easy to handel, store and install
Resistant to chemicals
Has anti uv properties
Durable, even upon exposure at high temperature
Does not easily crack at very cold temperature
Long life span

Product application

Agricultural field, Main tube for drip irrigation
, construction site
Engineering and mine field, breeding, aquafarm and many more.

1 " diameter
1.5" diameter
2" diameter
3" diameter
4" diameter
6" diameter

Why use Inconvenient and hard to install PVC or HDPE Tubes to your farm as main water line?
by our P.E Layflat hose
all your water system/supply can be easily installed or stored. Unroll if you want to store and just roll it again if you want to install.

Why spend more for installation and digging for your water system line?
with our P.E hose you don't need spend money renting personnel to dig for your water line. all our hose
can be unroll and roll easily any where in your farm. You can even move it from one place to another with a lot of ease compare to traditional water way system which are all stationary.

We also offer:
drip irrigation
and many more...

call us we are glad to talk to you and answer all your queries. You can reach us to this number just plese look to
Mr. Erwin Villanueva
(632) 723 6240


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