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Rice milling machine
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July 13, 2024
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San Juan City, NCR
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Rice milling machine

We are KAINITZ CORPORATION, a private company that designs, assembles, manufactures, imports and distributes BOWA
AGRICULTURAL MACHINERIES & EQUIPMENTS. Our mission is to provide and support through effective machineries and equipments.

ice mill
*Corn grinder

2 in 1 machine that works as a portable rice mill
and corn grinder

Small but very usable its a portable rice mill
and also corn cracker .

You can mill palay right on your own house.
Make feeds for your animals right on your backyard.

Why buy expensive rice if you can mill your own rice right on your own house?
Why buy feed if you can make your own?
with this machine you can save a lot because all you need is raw materials, palay for your rice. raw corn seeds for your feeds.

Palay can cost about 9 pesos per kilo during harvest season and well milled rice starts at Php 35 pesos per kilo.
and if you have your own rice mill you can stock palay and milled it when you need it. Your rice is always FRESH!!!.
it can give an output of 120-200 kilos of milled rice per hour. You can even start a mico milling station in your barangays.

watch our videos and see how it works please see this links:

Never again you will need to sell all your palay and eventually buy rice when you need it.

Never again you will have to rent and pay huge amount for milling your palay.

Never have to sell your palay at a very low cost if you can produce it as rice.

With our portable rice mill
we offer a small business opportunity for our local rice farmers and aswering their own need for supply of rice.

Call us we are gladly to help and look for Erwin Villanueva

Tel: (02) 7236240
Cell no: 09228267240


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