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Arctic Sea Super Omega 3 + 9 Fish Oil by Forever Living Products
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June 28, 2021
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We Deliver Nationwide! From APARRI to JOLO (check out some of our transaction receipts in the picture)

*FREE DELIVERY at any MRT station. (with minimum order of 2 bottles)


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Sun- 0932.883.6788
Landline- (02) 383.8636

Arctic Sea Super Omega 3 + 9 by Forever Living Products
-Helps Lower High Blood Pressure/HighCholesterol 

Here's why: 

A vital set of nutrients required for a healthy body are the fatty acids. 
These nutrients serve several functions, including: 
-The make-up of the majority of the protective membrane that surrounds every one of our cells. 
-They are also used by the body as major building blocks for the creation of body fat, needed in appropriate amounts to cushion and protect our internal organs and keep us warm. 

However, not all fatty acids provide the same benefits. Scientific research has linked the consumption of saturated fatty acids, found predominantly in animal fat, with increased levels of cholesterol and a higher risk of heart attacks, while the unsaturated variety from vegetable oils do not have that effect. 

Forever Living Products has formulated a superior nutritional supplement to take advantage of the latest research into this important area of nutrition. 

By combining Omega-3 with Omega-9, it provides a safe and balanced supplement that can favorably support healthy blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Forever Arctic-Sea Super Omega-3 is a breakthrough in terms of a balanced supplement, using both vegetable and fish oils to derive the benefit of each. 
Omega-3 is an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid found in salmon & other seafood. Omega-9 is the unsaturated fatty acid found in vegetable products, like olive oil. 

Each capsule has an EPA content of 225 mg and 150 mg each of DHA and oleic acid, all of which are lacking in most Western diets. The benefits of EPA and DHA include supporting the circulatory system. 
They are needed for other functions, including the development and health of the eyes and brain, and can support proper joint function. 
Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to help support circulatory function 
Omega-3 & Omega-9 fatty acids can help support healthy cholesterol & triglyceride levels 
Helps support proper joint function 

Be Careful in Choosing Omega!

Research indicated that omega-3 unsaturated fatty acid is lacking in the modern diet and the daily fat intake (such as vegetable oil, safflower oil, corn oil etc.) affects omega-3 absorption. Besides, nutritionists warn that although deep-sea fish contain abundant omega

Unsaturated fatty acid, pollution of the ocean causes mercury or other heavy metal levels in deep-sea fish to rise, which affect the brain development of children. As a result, one has to be careful especially on the place of origin in choosing omega

Arctic Sea Super Omega 3 + 9 by Forever Living is a breakthrough in terms of a balanced supplement, using both vegetable and mercury-free pharmaceutical-grade fish oils to derive the benefit of each.

Take only Arctic Sea Super Omega 3 + 9 by Forever Living produced by advanced technology from arctic-sea non-polluted deep sea fish!
Only P 1,629/bottle (60 softgels)


(Globe) 0917.529.7745
(SUN) 0932.883.6788 
Landline- (02)383.8636

Delivers nationwide. Door to Door 1-2 business day/s* upon receipt of payment.
*Note: Shipping fee outside Metro Manila varies, call/message me to ask about your location


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