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Masinag Organic Fertilizer very effective P 750
₱ 750.00
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March 15, 2024
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City of Manila, NCR

Masinag Organic Fertilizer very effective P 750

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I happen to be a plants ( particularly flowers, orchids) lover.. and is growing vegetables using pots.
Have tried using Masinag Organic Fertilizer and was simply amazed by its performance...need proof of
its effectiveness?? visit our FB fanpage MASINAG LIQUID ORGANIC FERTILIZER..Its performance just blow me away
plus the fact that it is ECO friendly ..
Sa isang liter ( 750) pwde na pong gamitin sa buong 1 hectare ng pananim.
This Masinag Fertilizer contains Potassium and micronutrients essential in photosynthesis and other processes in
plants .It has the ability to restore the natural fertility of the soil by enabling it to regain and maximize its inherent
biochemical properties for optimum growth and yield.
Mix and Dilute 1 liter of Masinag Liquid Fertilizer into 100 liters of Water (this is good for 1 hectare)
and spray to basal 1 day before planting
Spray or sprinkle the mixture or solution on the leaves or directly into the soil. Or do both if possible
For best result follow the application schedule below:
a). 4 days after transplant
b). 8 days after transplant
c). 12 days after transplant
d) 20 days after transplant
Store in a cool dry place ..
We will provide presentations and demo for group and cooperatives most especially for the users.