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Rapacan 1mg Tablet - Uses, Composition and Price
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March 19, 2023
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Immunosuppressants are often used to weaken or suppress the body's immune system and stop the immune system from damaging healthy cells in the body. It is often prescribed to prevent the rejection of organ transplants in the body. Rapacan 1mg tablet is also an immunosuppressive medicine that is prescribed to prevent the rejection of a kidney transplant.

Rapacan is called an immunosuppressive medicine because it contains "Sirolimus" which is an Immunosuppressant that helps to slow or stop the negative response of the immune system healthy cells and tissues.

Rapacan tablet brief information -

Manufactured by - Biocon Ltd.
Composition - Sirolimus 1 mg
Packing - Pack of 10 Tablets

Who can buy Rapacan 1mg and how much does it cost?

Doctors or healthcare providers prescribe or recommend this medicine when people go through an organ transplant i.e Kidney transplant. People with an organ transplant can buy Rapacan 1mg online. As this tablet is a prescription-based medicine, people can order it with a valid prescription from a registered pharmacy. For the price concern, visit our trusted and reliable pharmacy to see the Rapacan 1mg price and order online. Call/WhatsApp here - +91-9958550955.