Vigattin Insurance
Supplier of Channel Bar in Manila
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For Sale
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Brand New
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General Categories
Date Posted :
November 21, 2020
Location :
1714 Ma. Clara St. Sampaloc, Manila, City of Manila, NCR
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Note: No minimum requirement is required when you purchase from us, our company accepts any orders regardless of the quantity.


Please be reminded that the price of the steel product is subject to change in a daily basis depending on the market, for any question or query that you may have with regards to the Channel Bar.


Kindly contact us on our numbers, email or feel free to visit us on our website for ease and convenience with the help of our live chat support.


Power Steel
1714 Maria Clara St. Sampaloc Manila

Tel: 731 0000
Fax: 741 3619/524 0000
Mobile: 0915 300 000/0932 888 7777

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