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March 21, 2023
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City of Manila, NCR
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All AGMB MARKETING artificial turf systems pass through an extensive quality control and testing process in accordance with the stringent ISO-standards. The quality control system involves identification and control of the yarns and primary backing before the first phase of the production process (tufting) starts.

The uncoated half fabricate is stored and moved through our factory in a strictly controlled fashion to minimize the risk of damage and ensures high endproduct quality. This strict quality monitoringcontinues during the second phase of the production of back coating to lock the fibers into the primary backing, until the rolls are packed and labeled ready to be transported. Strict site quality controls continue after installation with the results used to improve product quality and optimize product performance.

AGMB MARKETING strict control of product quality has been achieved by designing the production facility around the ideal production process. Routing during manufacture is organized to minimize internal transport, which results in optimal runtime and drastically reduces defects and production errors.



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