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azolla culture starter
₱ 100.00
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June 23, 2022
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Marikina City, NCR

azolla starter culture consists of
1/2 cup volume of live azolla
duckweed cultivation flyer (same farming principles as duckweed)
price 100 pesos

Azolla, also known as mosquito fern, duckweed fern, fairy moss and water fern, is a genus of the freshwater ferns that grows floating on water surfaces. It can reproduce by forming spores but it mainly reproduces vegetatively by breaking off side branches, and it does this at an enormous rate. Under ideal conditions it grows exponentially, doubling its biomass every two days. If it has enough room to grow, such as in a large rice paddy, it can increase thousand fold in a month.

In integrated Tilapia and Azolla farming, Azolla is grown in polyculture with tilapia. The Azolla provides protein to the fish and it limits the growth of algae, weeds, mosquitos and it reduces water evaporation. When tilapia eats azolla, their droppings provide phosphorus and other nutrients to the Azolla, and their swimming activity spreads the Azolla and aerates the water which stimulatesAzolla growth.

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address: 45 stardust street, sss village, marikina city ... 30-40minutes commute from cubao quezon easily accessible by public transport or private vehicle and is located 50meters near the end route of all public utility vehicles going to sss village marikina...transporation is available 24hours

to get an idea of my backyard fish farm setup, search youtube "red tilapia urban aquaculture marikina".

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