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daphnia magna culture starter - natural fish feed
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August 27, 2021
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Marikina City, NCR

Daphnia Magna Culture Starter Kit

approximately around 100pcs Adult Daphnids
plastic bag with 6hrs oxygen supply
green algae culture starter
daphnia magna culture starter info guide

total 100 pesos

Daphnia is also known as water bugs or water fleas due to their jerky motion. They live in freshwater and are really easy
to cultivate at home. Daphnia can be used regularly to provide
your fish with more variation, or seasonally to induce
breeding. It can also be used as fry food for small fish. Unlike
uneaten dried or frozen food, Daphnia will not foul the water 
they will stay alive in the aquarium until the fish decides to eat
them. Cultivating Daphnia at home is economical and will
provide you with a constant source of disease-free live food.
To start your own Daphnia culture you need to buy a starter

address: 45 stardust street, sss village, marikina city ... 30-40minutes commute from cubao quezon easily accessible by public transport or private vehicle and is located 50meters near the end route of all public utility vehicles going to sss village marikina...transporation is available 24hours

to get an idea of my backyard fish farm setup, search youtube "red tilapia urbanaquaculture marikina".

thanks. john 


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