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duckweed culture starter
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March 21, 2023
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Marikina City, NCR

duckweed starter culture consists of
1/2 cup volume of live duckweed
duckweed cultivation flyer
price 100 pesos

Duckweed is a small floating organic plant found worldwide and often seen growing in thick, blanket-like mat on still, nutrient rich fresh and moderately saline environment. They are monocotyledons, belonging to the botanical family Lemnaceae and are classified as higher plants. The family consists of four genera, Lemna, Spirodela, Wolffia, and Wolfiella, among which about 40 species have been identified. Their leaves and stems merged in common structure typically known as frond (leaf bearing spores).
Advantages of Duckweed as a convenient feed for fish:
1. It can be readily grown locally often in waste ponds that are polluted.
2. It can be fed fresh and since it floats, it may be totally used by fish.
3. It is used efficiently by fish such as tilapia and carp.
4. It is relatively inexpensive to produce or may be regarded to have no cost.

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address: 45 stardust street, sss village, marikina city ... 30-40minutes commute from cubao quezon easily accessible by public transport or private vehicle and is located 50meters near the end route of all public utility vehicles going to sss village marikina...transporation is available 24hours

to get an idea of my backyard fish farm setup, search youtube "red tilapia urban aquaculture marikina".

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