What is Vigattin Trade?

Vigattin Trade is the newest and fastest-growing online venue for buying and selling a wide variety of products and services within the Philippines. Vigattin Trade is a website with a rapidly growing user base which facilitates ease of exchange between buyers and sellers through the use of classified ads. Vigattin Trade specializes in vehicles, real estate, and includes a general category.

What is Featured Ads?

Featured Ads is a section that contains the most recently uploaded ads.

How can I post a Free Ad?

To post an Ad, simply click the Post Free Ad button at the top navigation bar. This will redirect you to the posting page.

Am I able to post an Ad even if I haven’t created an account yet?

No. To post an Ad, you will need to log in to your account via Facebook or the account provided by Vigattin.

How long will my Ad be posted on Vigattin Trade?

All Ads uploaded to Vigattin Trade will be published for a maximum of 60 days. If you marked your Ad as “sold,” it will no longer be displayed on Browse Ads.

Am I able to repost my Ad after it has expired?

Yes, but a re-posted Ad will become active again after 3 days upon reposting.

How can I edit my Ad?

On My Account tab, click My Active Listings. Click the Edit link on the right side of the Ad you want to update.

You can also edit an Ad on the Ad’s preview. Just click the Edit button below the Ad’s cover image.

How can I delete my Ads?

On the right side of the Edit link is the Delete link. Simply click the link and a message box will appear asking you if you really want to delete the selected item.

You can also delete an Ad on the Ad’s preview. Just click the Delete button below the Ad’s cover image.

How can I change my Profile photo?

On My Account tab, go to Profile Photo then click Change Photo. You will then be asked whether you want to upload a new profile image or take a photo using a webcam.

Where can I see my Expired Ads?

All of your expired advertisements will be moved to Expired Ads on My Account Tab.

A member keeps sending me spam, nonsensical or offensive email. Can I block a person to stop him/her from sending me spam messages?

Yes, to stop members from sending you spam, just go to their profile by clicking their name on one of their Ads. Below the Profile photo is the Block this User link which will stop that member from sending you spam.

How can I unblock a person?

To unblock a user, simply click the Unblock this Person link on the Profile page of the user you want to unblock. You can also unblock a user on My Account Tab. Just click the Blocked Users link on the Side Navigation and select the person you want to unblock.

Can I report an Ad that violates the rules of Vigattin Trade?

Yes, An Ad that violates the rules of the site can be reported by any member. That report will then be submitted to the Admin who will review the violation of the reported Ad and take appropriate action.

What is Favorite Ads?

Favorite Ads shows all of the Ads you added to your Favorites. It simply means you added an Ad because you want to avail of this Ad at a later time.

How do I add an advertisement to My Favorite Ads?

To add an advertisement to your Favorite Ads, simply click the Add to Favorites button below the Ad’s photo.

Can I remove an Ad from my Favorites?

Yes. To remove an Ad from your Favorites, simply click the Remove from Favorites button below the Ad’s photo.

How can I edit my Account?

On My Account Tab, click Manage Account. You can edit your Name, Contact Details such as Contact Numbers and Email Address, and/or Change your Photo.

What is Compare Ads?

Compare Ads is one of several original features of Vigattin Trade. It is like a user is canvassing an item and comparing all of the uploaded Ads on the site of a specific item. For example, if the user wants to buy a brand-new iPhone5, he will compare all the Brand New iPhone5 Ads. After comparing all the Ads, the user will have the choice of what is the best possible deal. Through this feature, users will be able to select the deal that best suits their purposes.

How can I send message to the owner of the Ad I want to avail?

To inquire about an Ad, simply click the Send Message button below the Ad’s details.

I want to send a personal message without inquiring about one of the owner’s Ads.

Sending Private Message is possible in Vigattin Trade by following these steps:

  • In their Ad, click their name. It will be redirected to the Profile page.
  • Click Contact this Person below the profile photo.
  • Type your message and click Send.

Where can I see my new messages?

All messages such as unread or new messages can be seen all in Inbox Messages in my account under your profile picture.

Your email address is correct but you are not receiving any email from Vigattin Trade.

If you are not receiving any email from Vigattin Trade but your registered email address is correct, there is a high possibility that Vigattin Trade emails are either being deferred by your email client (Ex. Yahoo Mail, Google Mail, etc) or it is being sent to your Spam Messages. Try to check the said folder, and once you have seen any messages from Vigattin Trade, open it and click Not Spam, or save us in your Contacts.

Emails from Vigattin Trade are being deferred. How can I correct this?

When an email sent to your registered email address bounces, the system will temporarily suspend sending emails to your email address.
Bouncing emails can be due to any of the following:

  • Your mailbox is full.
  • Email account is deactivated.
  • Email account is suspended.
  • Email domain is inaccessible.
  • Email server has technical problems.
  • Email requires verification.
Check your e-mail account for problems and fix any issue you come across.